Is solution-focused brief therapy right for you?

With the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach, we will concentrate on finding solutions to the issues you're experiencing with your teen. We will use your hopes for the future as a guide to find the resolution that best fits you and your family's needs.  You are the expert on your family members, and with that knowledge and the appropriate coaching, tools and questioning, we will identify the best solutions for your situation.


In the end, my goal is to provide support, information and strategies that you can be implement right away in order for you to feel more connected to your teenager and reach your family's goals. Although titled 'brief therapy', counselling is provided for as long as you need support and may last anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. 

I also provide counselling support for struggling tweens, teens and young adults who are having difficulties with behaviour, motivation, focus, organization, school, friendships, family, substance use or mental health issues. 


In my practice, I use elements of both Narrative Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which means I love to use metaphors to help you gain new perspectives and see alternative solutions to the issues you've been struggling with. Additionally, it means we will focus on identifying negative/unhelpful thoughts and assumptions and work together to find a more constructive and compassionate perspective. Narrative Therapy helps you to externalize the issue, view it objectively, and empowers you to use your innate skills, beliefs and values in order to change your undesired family relationship.


Group sessions with caregivers and/or families

School, friends and self-perception-- being a teenager is hard and what can be even more challenging is if you are the caregiver to a teen who no-longer opens up and leaves you feeling helpless and left in the dark.


My goal is to help you connect with your child while giving them the space they need to grow in to a healthy, happy and confident adult. 


Learn more about how my services are delivered.

Is solution focused therapy right for you?

Service Options:

Caregiver Counselling

Personal Counselling 

Parenting Support


Social Emotional Wellness

Behavior Issues

Re-Connection and Trust Building



I work specifically with caregivers of teens, tweens and young adults and specialize in the following areas:



I have years of experiencing helping youth on the path to or who are experiencing issues with addiction such as personal drug and alcohol use and abuse, or the use/abuse by a family member. I can provide you with support, education and strategies on how to help your child navigate their relationship with drugs and alcohol and assist you as you guide them through recovery.


Being a teenager can be downright unbearable for some youth who struggle with self-esteem issues. I can help you to build grit, resiliency and self-esteem in within your teen while providing you with emotional support throughout the process. Some specific topics to consider:

- Resiliency

- Self-Esteem

- Self-Efficacy

- Grit

- Growth Mindset

- Perspective Taking

**Note: I am currently not able to take on any more client's whose presenting issue is suicidal ideation. Please contact Child and Youth mental Health at either the Victoria Office at 250-356-1123, Saanich 250-952-5073, or West Shore 250-391-2223 depending on your location. 


Often caregivers of teenagers feel disconnected from their teens and feel as though they have no control over what their child chooses to do. In many cases, trust has been broken in the relationship or it never existed in the first place. My goal is to help you and your child re-connect so that you have an open, honest, and genuine relationship. Some topics include:
- Behavior issues

- How to set boundaries 
- Responsibilities
- Privacy


As a school counsellor, I have lots of experience navigating the public school system in British Columbia. I can help you learn how to advocate for your child and support them through common issues such as:
- Time Management

- Motivation

- Behaviour Issues


- School/Test Anxiety

- Creating and maintaining friendships

- Bullying


Parenting and personal support for individual caregivers of tweens, teens and young adults.

"You can't pour from an empty cup". Children need happy, healthy and stable caregivers to thrive.

Is it possible that your child's behaviours have something to do with your mental state?

Are you finding you have less patience and empathy for them and just wish they would listen?
Are you doing everything for everyone else and leaving your own needs by the wayside?

My goal is to help you find patience, empathy and insight so that you can connect more authentically with your child. 

It's time for you to be your best self, so you can be there for the ones you love most.


Individualized Counselling for Youth

Youth have a lot to navigate during their teen years: school, friendships, family and new experiences. It is easy to get overwhelmed or lost along the way. My goal is to support youth in navigating the complexities of the world, listen to their concerns and help them find solutions to the issues that keep them up at night.


Easily accessible counselling

My services are offered via secure Telecommunication (Phone) or Videoconferencing (Video). When booking a session you will have the opportunity to select which type suits your needs best and if you're unsure feel free to contact me

This type of communication makes it possible for you to access counselling wherever you are situated. Whether you are on a trip and need access to support, living in a rural area where no services are offered, or trying to fit in a session during your busy work day, counselling is at your fingertips.  

My hours are flexible (daytime, evenings and weekends) for busy caregivers. 

Keep in mind, your privacy is of the utmost importance to me so all communication is protected and HIPPA, PIPEDA and PIPA compliant.  




British Columbia, Canada

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