Mary Klovance Counselling & Parenting Support

Mary Klovance


I grew up in a “broken-home” with a single mother who battled with her mental health daily--sometimes she won and sometimes we both lost, but no matter what, I knew that she loved and accepted me for who I was and that gave me the strength I needed to be successful. As an adult I learned that my risk-taking behaviour, constant need for movement, low frustration tolerance and fast speech were all symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD (hyperactive type). These life experiences are what built the foundation for my dream of being able to help caregivers and their struggling teens.


I started off working with youth at risk as a Crisis Intervention and Withdrawal Management Counsellor for the Youth Detox and Youth Shelter. Then once I learned to hone my hyperactivity and graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Counselling Psychology I became a middle and high school counsellor.


In 2020 I started my private practice in order to empower caregivers and their teens with challenging behaviours, addiction issues and/or ADHD.

I believe that mental health should be looked at through a holistic lens, and my motto is "invest in the person, not the outcome". When families grow together, they experience lasting change. My counselling style is non-judgmental, but I also challenge my clients’ assumptions and perceptions. My goal is to help my clients see things in a new light, and guide them in discovering solutions that work best for their unique family members.


If you have any questions about how I can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.